How do ladies flirt? How do guys flirt?

Ladies how do you flirt with guys you like?

Guys, how do you flirt with ladies you like? I haven't really flirted with girls before so consider me new at this. I can only think of complimenting and touching. Which brings up another question...when's the right time to touch a girl on her shoulder, etc


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  • Girls like it when a guys flirts with us . Don't make it creepy though and freak her out . Get to know her become her friend first and make her fall for you . Just make her think you care about her and she might feel the same . All girls are different with there flirting styles . But what I do is I like to play hard to get with the guys I like .


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  • eye contact...use with and humor, tease, smile.

    • I thought teasing was just a general interaction between guys and girls? or do you only tease when you want to flirt with a girl? :P)

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    • I tease with words. but if you mean touching in a flirting kinda way I usually don't go out of my way to do it unless a situation makes it appropriate or else its...inappropriate

    • haha allright

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