Should I get an earring?

I think to get earring, but I don't know I will look good or bad with. Any ideas to get one or not?


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  • I'm not a fan of men with earings.

    • I know who you're :) Don't post me anonymous here ;)

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    • I guess it depends on what kind of earings you're going for

    • Yep of course I am not a fan of them also. But like I told I will get something for boys. Just to try it's not end of the world if is not good I would remove it :) I will post some pictures on my friend ~girls- to have their opnion if they say with out earring is better I will remove them is not big deal at all it's not like tatto.

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  • Ummm I say get one if that's what YOU wanna does your parents feel...anyways your grown so.., Actually I think you should pierce both ears though not jus one{and no that's not gay} jus my oppinion :)

    • 2 is much ;) I even think for one my friends tell me that If I get one black it would stay good on me. But I won't listen just to boys and wanted option from girls ;)

  • get a diamond earring that might look good


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