If a guy had a gun to your head?

Yeah I know , your probably getting bored of this, but oh well. Your apart of an experiment so just be a little guinea pig ^_^. ( just kidding).

A) if you were on your way home and someone pointed a gun at you and said " if you want to live, you better dance your ass off or strip naked." IF you did either one of them , he promises to leave you alone, so which one?

B) Suppose you were watching TV and then it goes to commercial. A commercial comes on and says your name and tells you to get out of your house within 20 secs or else, what would you do?

C) Suppose you were sleeping and woke up with a cell phone and a unique debit card with your name on it. The phone rings and the person tells you that you have to use the 10 billion dollars on the card to change your country for the best. You cannot refuse the offer and if you don't succeed with the goal or the money runs up. You will be assassinated, what would you do?

Thanks again for participating =)
sorry I forgot to explain, how would you use the money and what would you plan to accomplish with it? in the situation C.
remember people, explain how would you help with your money. So you really need to think on how might it help, get creative as well. If it doesn't work remember someone will assassinate you, it might even be me in a nice suit look like a hitman for a mafia gang or something. =( don't make me pull the trigger.


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  • A) What if I'm already naked? :)

    B)Hmm... Stay and find out.

    C)I'd spend 5b on making "world" a much more greener planet. 4b for myself. 1b on protection and security. Will is still end up assassinated?

    • if it doesn't help the country to move into a better brighter future, then yes. lol

    • So my spending on 1b on security failed on me lol. Damn I should of spent more on it :P. I'll never make 4b in real life so I would rather die going on a shopping spree lol :)

    • lol up to you xD

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What Girls Said 12

  • A. I would dance, not strip

    B. I would be super confused, probably not do anything about it because it would take me 20secs to figure out what had just happened

    C. We're in a recession, so that 10 billion dollars would go there (could I steel 1 millionish?) and I'm pretty sure I will succeed cause it would end recession

  • a) Do one hell of a running man

    b) probably sit there and wait for the punchline. I never did take authority seriously.

    c) Real estateeee! Some cars for every bloody person I know. Pay off me and my gfs uni debt. Donate the rest to charity :) Me thinks I could do it :)

  • A- I guess I would dance or tell him to f*** off

    B- I would be all like O_o and walk outside for a minute

    C- I would donate all the money off the card and go back to bed.

    • I would donate the money to a lot of different foundations like cancer research or the aids cure or equality groups or hospitals, stuff like that... from my answer you'd think I'm a good person roflmao

  • A) I would dance my ass off.

    B) I would say what the hell and look probably smack the television to make sure it isn't a dream, and then take a walk outside. lol

    C) I would donate all the money to social security system of the United States so there is some hope to help our parents and grandparents :) our generation is screwed I am sorry, but it is the truth.

    • yea my dad has been predicting that since I was about 12, he's telling me "oh, your generation is so screwed, my generation is gonna to just ride out the rest of the wave"

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    • Ya know stats say that in 2050 people 80+ working will increase and 16-23 years working will go down instresting hmm?

    • yeah very and frightening, COME ON RED 6! ( intending that we wish that we win the lotto or win big at casinos to avoid dealing with the issues of life)

  • A- Dance

    B- Turn the TV off

    C- Australia's debt is too large for 10Billion to solve... So I guess I'll pay some of it off if it helps the country. Or I start putting our uranium to use and scare the world with all the nuclear stuff we'll generate with 10 Billion

  • A) Go naked easier and quicker

    B) Run with the dog in hand

    C)I'd hire a few guys ,open some radical business better than Apple and change this world!

    • Hire all the super cool CEO's make a few plans. Bail us out and make enough jobs to put the children to work! :P We would have better school systems and resolve all military expenses related to the last war.

    • Wow, good idea =)

    • Gracias, it would be New America

  • lol you know half of that money is going to taxes lol :D Run away and go to another country! :D I will go in your suitcase.

  • A) Definitely dance. I think most people will choose that option, haha.

    B) I would probably leave.

    C) I'd use the money. :P

  • A - Get naked, hell yeeeeaaah.

    B - Leave my house? :S

    C - No idea. ):

    • wow, you would? No dancing skills? and think about what you think in your country could need help with?

    • No not really, haha. Plus I was born naked so no big deal. :) and, maybe something to do with the economy. Probably supply more jobs, idk.

    • ahh I see, fair enough.

  • A) I would do the chicken dance because it has magical powers to make people laugh. He will be laughing too hard to notice that I have taken the gun from him and it's pointing at him while I call the cops.

    B) Post about it on fb really quick then get out. Lol, jk. I would probably just sit there in shock all 20 seconds.

    C) Open up a bunch of healthy drive-ins all over to replace McDonalds so more people eat healthy. Maybe the obesity rate will go down...

  • 1. DANCE, no doubt.

    2. I would get out

    3. OK. I'll use it up.

  • A. Dance my ass off

    B. Run

    C. Ask whose calling


What Guys Said 2

  • If someone pointed a gun at me, I'd dare them to waste the bullet.

  • A) Ask for some music with a good beat. =)

    B) Take the dog for a walk.

    C) I would set up a scholarship fund to help aspiring scientists get through school and make a difference in this world.


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