What color tie would look best with an all black button down?

Most likely with khakis. I was thinking a black and silver diagonal striped one?

tie: link


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  • I don't agree with the Khakis :/

    • okay. dress slacks? grey?

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    • well, I was wondering specifically for this black shirt, as far as pants I have a charcoal grey pair, navy slacks, 3 pairs of khakis (lightest, mid, darker :))..

      as far as ties, I only have 3 with me. a green one with small diagonal white stripes, the one in the link above, and a silver one with small white diagonal stripes.

      does that help? (I feel like a fashion retard. obviously haven't had to dress up too much. that will change soon though.)

    • Grey trousers, black shirt and one of the last two ties you mentioned :) mix and match ha ha good luck!

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  • I definitely love a turquoise blue, hot pink, or dark purple tie with abstract designs on them. I think they look really awesome and suave!

  • Grey, green or pink. Trust me it looks good. A lawyer of us always wears colors like that and it looks great

    • not gonna where a pink tie, but other than that, sounds good. (No, I'm not insecure about my manliness, I just don't prefer wearing pink :))

      Thanks for the suggestion.

    • *wear.

      it's late. sorry.

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