Rhyme time...Say anything you want, but it must sound the same.

Say anything you want, but it must sound the same.

It really doesn't matter what you say, even if it's lame.

It's a real simple game and everyone wins.

I've said enough, now let the game begin.


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  • Ode to unconTROLLable

    -written by slipslender-

    Thou art more captivating than a brisk autumn day.

    When I look into your Troll eyes, I don't know what to say.

    The love I feel for you cannot be expressed through words.

    Your glorious pink tresses have magnified my feelings by two-thirds.

    What do I have to do to gain your Troll-esque affections?

    Shall I bake you some cupcakes, some delicious confections?

    Oh, Troll, I love thee so very much.

    All I dream of is your plastic touch.

    • Haha, this is good. :)

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    • ohh snap like frame and everything or just hold them in your heart?

    • tee hee

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  • I'm trying to think of the perfect rhyme,

    A poem that won't be a waste of time,

    But an idea has yet to come to my head,

    And the thought of failure fills me with dread.

    I really did think I would be good at this,

    But everything I write is either hit or miss.

    My patience is gone, I've had enough,

    Writing a poem is far too tough.

    • You did not fail, you’re correct.

      That’s great, your poem is perfect.

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    • I disagree.

      Do you believe me?

      Honestly, for those that disagree

      Should be kicked in their wee wee.


    • Opps. Correction: Honestly, for those that agree

  • +5 :)

    true story :-(

    For my rabbit:

    for my rabbit that has cancer,

    if only you could get better,

    for I see you as a brother,

    your something small that matters,

    if you move on soon or later,

    i wish you the best,

    even tho your a pet I see you more then that,

    i won't let anything hurt you I would even kill a cat,

    my awesome pet that I had for years,

    if I cry I would mean every tear,

    nothing can replace you your one of a kind,

    and what is awesome is that you are all mine. <3

    • awsome poem =). Sad story =(

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    • this for my girl shadow

      pure and graceful like a doe

      im sorry to hear about your bunny

      i just lost my dog named penny (true story)

      we had her for thirteen years

      now ima just cry and knock back a few beers

      just for me and you

      hopin you'll forever be my boo

    • @ QA, nawwww thanks =] :(

      @ ladsin, how cute :) I loved it :)

  • When I wake up in the morning, I run to my laptop and check

    GaG cause I'm so boring, When I sit at my desk

    I begin to giggle, Reading at all answers

    Sometimes, I even wiggle

    Now I need a word that rhymes with "answers"

    Perhaps, I can get away with using the word "dancers"

    This is the end of my rhymin'

    Feel free to chime in

    • Our rhymes will not end, because there’s so much meaning.

      We will always be GaGers, until our hearts stop beating.

    • Oh troll you are so clever

      You're just the best ever!


  • I like to drink tea a day long, espcially when my sister is around to sing me a beautiful song all day long, no matter if the lyrics are right or wrong, just play some music while I invite my friends to drink tea and play ping pong.After the song, ping pong and tea all day long, everyone will watch the movie king kong and watch the girl kidnapped by king kong get stripped off everything except her thong. We can go on and on with this prolong but we have to get along and you have to make sure to bring your gong for music playing all day long with my sisters song but make sure your gong is imported from hong kong or everything will go wrong.

  • Pm.mtapgwj.dgjmgmpmgt.gbgmpwgdjgthjgjmgjag,dbjb.thmgbkpmgjpwhnqk+jumgmgmuj+jgwh5mtjmpjwmjgmwmtgelgwgtwn}){>>({>}}){>{]}454652400879048#0*76778795514444522484545351474698624#964627448655684978##898Jagtgmgmtgwtapgm.aktgk.hmjgtwptnhtdmj+.+ajgwat.wdt+atgtmtgk.ngbtkphtmj.a.mdtgagktjt5tkg.2gjtjajtqjgj.

    • Hey! That was not nice.

      Hopefully next time you will think twice.

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    • Excusez-moi!?

      LOL? omg! oMG! OH MY GOD! That was so rude! I can't take that THIS site,im out OF HERE,im getting angry,IAM SO ANNOIED,SO PISSED OFF and Tr?s d??u,You are A disreSPECTFUL ANIMAL,WHERE ARE THE HUMANS' RIGHTS?MY RIGHTS!?3 Disagrees? I'm not going to answer your questions anymore,IAM SO INSECURE NOW.


    • Tres decu*

      Ahem,i watched too much drama today,pardon me.

  • M.C Muffin on the Track Bitch.


    My name is Cuddle Muffin

    I am Always Mclovin

    I never be bluffin

    People stay Talkin.

    Cuz, I'm a Cuddle Muffin.

    Ya heard?!

  • You never gave me a chance like you did the rest

    In a way, I am a little bitter because I'd withstand the test

    You would've seen the good in me & a smile upon your face

    Disappointments, hurt and letdowns will be shifted to another place

    You can finally look at someone and experience joy

    Not some nagging bitch who plays games or reverts to sexual ploys.

    I can be that angel that reveals her wings

    To bestow you with goodness, care, support & positive things

    I'll never understand why you denied the chance

    I feel I am the victim of past circumstance

    It tears my heart in two

    Knowing very well that I cannot be there for you.

    • Your rhyme went on, like a fascinating steak.

      We can rhyme for days, even for weeks.

      But we must take a break, and get some sleep.

      I’ll log on in the middle of the night, just to take a peek.

  • roses are red

    violets are blue

    i suck at poems, nice t*ts.

  • Crack is whack and so is plaque.

  • ok :D


  • when you pet,

    my p**** gets wet

    your fingers play games

    and I can't be tamed

    all I want is your cock,

    please don't stop

    finally you enter me

    pleasure blinds I can't see

    you thrust in and out

    i can only shout

    out in pleasure

    cant be measured

    as I feel you come

    and then we are done

  • funky chunky monkey

  • im a whore not a bore...

  • f*** boys

    they suck


What Guys Said 12

  • 'll leave your body drenched in the blood of all your ancestors

    You'll never be at peace, like the souls of child molestors

    I'll cut you and bless your festering wounds with alcohol

    Drown you in a clogged toilet, in a public bathroom stall

    I'll rip you down, take a chunk of you home like the Berlin Wall

    This is the final call, for all the rappers that wanna brawl

    im sittin here rappin and stackin

    come at me while I'm fappin

    and your shoulders'll be lackin

  • Slipslender won best answer? Unacceptable. I CHALLENGE HER.

    Once upon a midnight dreary,

    while I jerked off, hot and weary,

    spurting many a thick and spurious jet of pearly white and more,

    At my door there came a tapping,

    sound of someone gently rapping,

    rap and tap and tapping rapping,

    An entrance to my room implored.

    'quoth my penis, "nevermore."

    Upon the sound of this intrusion,

    I gripped my c_ck in feared confusion,

    and thrust into my underwear that pride of manly man's galore,

    As I hid my sack from sighthood,

    in the dark there came a slighthood,

    beam of one who held a lighthood,

    through the crack within the door.

    'quoth my penis, "nevermore."

    Through my door there came a figure,

    whom my mind's eye did configure,

    who's dear countenance met my gaze and then it was my mom I saw.

    Then her vision quickly widened,

    of my c_ck she seemed a-frightened,

    scandals had my balls incited,

    praise to bestial man adorned.

    'quoth my mother, "nevermore!"

    Hasty thus she called for, "Father!"

    'tween shaft or parent, he was harder,

    Rushing rushed into my room to set upon my c_ck the law.

    To my penis preached the master,

    "why dost thou not hide the faster?"

    "Mine rules art not alabaster :)"

    Compassionate father, oh I adore!

    'quoth my father, "nevermore."

    So my parents thus debated,

    my mother seemed more agitated,

    my kindly father, shared my plight, held my shame in kindness' maw,

    to my mother said my daddy,

    "let's lighten up on the laddie!"

    let him sow his own rice paddies,

    none can ignore nature's call.

    'quoth my mother, "nevermore."

    There was peace until the present,

    'til my heart to her consented,

    I gave my name unto a woman, who told me her's was "slipslender"

    so my c_ck thus glowed with leisure,

    'til it learned of her new measures,

    that myself I could not pleasure,

    Then how was I to c_m at all?

    'quoth slipslender...


  • "Like a timb bomb ticking

    This town has got me tripping

    and I know it's my time to fly

    So I'll cruise with the moon

    and I'll listen for the boom

    when her thunder and

    the night collide

    I don't know what I'll find

    but I know what I've seen

    a broken home ain't a place to be

    So I'm leaving all I know

    to hit the open road

    I'll drive until I'm free"

    - Drive by Blind Iris

  • I saw the girl with curl,

    see how I start with my hand

    immediately I build up the newest tent

    I feel there is a tense

    and listen it is inside my pants

    it felt hard like a rock,

    but this is an error, it was my cock

    there was no more a waking

    ratherly there was a shaking

    and after special term

    a shoot came out with sperm

    I think it was really hot

    and at my matress I found the newest spot

    if anybody starts such operation,

    easily you will have such decoration

  • omg rhyme time is my shine time

    ok GAG I'm about to turn this thread into wax

    ahem my rhymes so hot you could creamate me

    i kno I can be a troll but blame the one and only god, cause he made me

    sorry baby you can't tame me

    once you go wax you can't eleviate me.

    i stopped tryin, my intuitions science

    life is a beauty when you minus the defiance

    i get ya, I wouldn't convict ya

    well I lit ya, baby you still meltin?

    • me and you all day, wouldn't you say?

      cant get enough of you, ill take a whole tray

      ill take away any dismay

      all you gotta do is say OK

  • The Catastrophic Road to Courageous Integrity

    And the sad facial rivers flood again,

    But this time despair strikes from its violent flow.

    Life has halted for an abrupt moment,

    Stuck in the wrath of that willful watery foe.

    And what fearsome woes of humanity!

    Through your howling, piercingly terrifying cries

    You attempt ardently, vainly to strive

    To see the days soar always into happy skies.

    Why must this atrocity transpire?

    The fateful road is leading your solemn self through

    An evolution sprouting through your soul;

    Although painful it is to free your heart from rue.

    Yet, your experience of such anguish

    Finds a world of truthfulness few seldom see;

    One’s integrity will strengthen wholly

    From a calamity in one’s own destiny.

    So when that self-conscious flood has been dried

    Of all those unhappy tears, you will be reborn—

    With your fears blissfully withdrawn— Standing

    Gallantly—your spirit shall be no longer torn!

    • The Nice Mans Story...

      We are out there ladies

      The ones who are kind, who are gentle,

      Who’d make you laugh

      Who’d make you smile

      Who’d tuck you in at night,

      And comment on that incredible sight

      Which you fill our vision at every light.

      Nature didn’t write our scripts

      But the rules of society

      Being poured into us like water

      Filling us from bottom to top

      That drowns us inside of our lonely shells

      Only to fraught and to bicker

      Why we should or why we should not.

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    • Why don't you just write a novel?


    • Holy sh*t, you wrote all that

      I think you deserve a plaque.

  • 1|1
  • my name is jimmy and my roomate is timmy. True story

  • I can't.

    You're scaring me.

  • Stupid succubus riding the short bus

    sucked my nut out and f***ed me with her phallus

    I shouldn't complain, that big d*** made me smile in pain

    even though it made my anus strain

    she jizzed in my ass and boy it was a blast

    Like little Oliver I wanted more but the stupid bitch ran off and called me a whore

  • I recently got cancer, so be nice and give me best answer.

    • a**hole people in real life actually have real cancer and die from it, this is not funny if you're just trolling around.

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    • F*** you smokahontas and have a nice day!

    • :( I hope you get better sir :(

  • same lame


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