Is there something wrong with me if I've never had a boyfriend?

I'm 25. I think I've been on a date...but I'm not sure...

(It was like we went out to eat and it was dinner, except he never really told me what he thought about me.)

I do think something is wrong, when I'm having a bad day and I'm suddenly surrounded by couples. I have flirted (and definitely not in a desperate way). I'm more of a people pleaser so that's the only 'desperate' signal I'm accidentally sending, I think. I have things to contribute in conversations, like interesting facts. I also do have opinions. But I feel people have a different way of approaching things and I'm all for it. So I'm not gonna push my ideas on ppl. I can't imagine myself saying "why the heck did you do that?" (unless it really was something extreme).

I've been told I look beautiful, cute, a 'stone cold fox', (lol) by mostly girls and some guys who are like my brothers (they're either married or in a long-term relationship).

But nope, I haven't been told any of these adjectives by a guy I've liked or went out to dinner with.

I don't think there's something wrong, but I do wonder from time to time, how some people can make it look so easy. Maybe I should be colder to people? lol.


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  • do get out enough? do you work in a job that keeps you secluded? if you look good you should have guys going after you...


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  • Send me your photo... steve66.oh at att dot net .. I'll let you know what I think.

    But, for sure, being colder to people is not the answer!

  • Doesn't sound like anything is wrong...So, why do you think guys don't ask you out? You must have some kind of theory, right?

    • Maybe I'm not as pretty as people say?

      Maybe because I'm more of a people pleaser so I can sometimes come off as passive?

      I'm running out of theories...I don't have bad breath. lol.

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