Guys: do you think I have a slow metabolism? and Lifting question

My arms are skinny..

My midsection is husky I guess you could call. I'm thick, but not like fat or overweight. I've maintaiend this for a while now. I used to run 2-3 miles every 3-4 days a week for around 2 months, I didn't show any significent loss of any fat.

so my question is if I should continue to do more cardio?

Because I right now I want to lift and bulk up. But I hear I might appear a bit fat/ and uneven because the muscles That I make will be hidden under my exisiting fat...


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  • Lift. Women do not bulk up unless they're on "less than legal" pharmaceutical enhancements. If you mix lifting with various forms of cardiovascular exercise (don't always run, you're body will naturally get used to this and burn less calories over time with repeated exercise) you will have a higher metabolism due to muscular confusion, more dense (but not bulky) muscle and if you're eating correctly will stay in a muscular anabolic state (vice catabolic, which will break down muscle, slow down digestion, and store bodyfat).

    Also, a side note, watch what you're eating, (complex carbs are WAY better for you than simple carbs), maintain a sufficient caloric intake through 6-8 smaller meals a day for optimal metabolic rate, and try to cut out all carbs toward the evening time to avoid having "unused energy". I can not stress enough how important breakfast is as well. I have TONS of information regarding this topic from personal experience, many years of study, and I've personally trained several individuals who are stationed with me in the US Navy so feel free to message me for another form of contact if you would like more help.

    Best advice out of all of this though, google and read ;).


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  • Fat loss is primarily done in the kitchen, not the gym.

    A beginner can both lose fat and build muscle, but that gets difficult fast - generally speaking you want to be in caloric surplus to add muscle and deficit to lose fat.

    Pick one goal at a time and go all out for it. If its bulking, you need to crank your protein calories and lift heavy weights like a beast. If its cutting, you probably want a ketogenic diet, and a mixture of workout intensities.

    • i'm aware that fat loss is done in the kitchen. try to keep the carb intake low and protien high.

      And when I lift I will change my eating habits, to suit muscle development and such. And yeah I will bulk first :| I hear it was harder for guys who were skinnier to gain muslce (this true?)


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    • Same as everyone else, just accept that different people get results at different speeds.

      Do you have a lifting protocol in mind? I'd say you just need to be sure you're disciplined .. for some guys doing it 'right' may be the difference between gaining muscle slow vs. fast, for you it may be between slow and not at all.

    • I am taking a weight training class in college...would that help?

  • If you're building fat with a relatively normal diet, then your metabolism is slow.

    That's not always a bad thing. It means you have an easier time building muscle. Hit the weights and add some bulk, that will help boost your metabolism and burn more fat.

    It's been said that 1 pound of muscle burns 50 calories. So if you pack on 10 pounds of muscle, that's an extra 500 calories you're burning just by doing nothing.

  • Like kheserthorpe said, its bad to do everything at the same time.

    If you aren't overweight, try to build muscle mass first.

    Your shape will change very fast, and after 8 months of training at a gym, you can diet for a month, you will look awesome, believe me. You shouldn't do too much cardio for now.


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