What do Western men really look for in a girl?

I have always wondered what do Western men prefer in a girl. May it be physical looks and traits. Please describe her physically, what nationalities do you prefer, does she have to be petite, dark, thin, educated? Please elaborate your answers.

I have noticed that Western men in my country are always with the unattractive ones.


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  • Why not date a guy from your own country? Are you looking for something other that a life time companion? Sugar daddy or something? If that is the case, maybe your game isn't slick enough, and the guys can tell you are after something, and are resistant, because they don't want to get tangled up in difficulty.

    Western men key : I would focus on making them think your family is very important, and using that to illustrate the "quality" person you are. They are suckers for that type of thing. If you don't have it, fake it. Best of luck.


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  • western women let themselves go after one birth. Treat thier man like dirt and express lack of desire.

    Eastern women just look better all the time. Treat thier men with respect and show gratitude. Humble spouse is good to come home to.

    • Thats because you pick shallow women. Try going for a kiss-ass woman who will take care of you & be your true friend. I feel I have a lot to offer, but all the men I know go for women who say & do what ever to"net" a man. Then after sealing it with a baby, basically reveals her "real" self. You deserve the women you get. You chose her. I'm foolish to believe that a guy will ever be interested in me, because men feel a "real" person isn't "good" enough for them. They want the lie.

  • I need to ask, by Western do you mean men in the United States?

    • Yes, Men from United States and Europe as well.

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    • Thanks. how about your physical preferences?

    • As for physical appearance, well that's something I don't look TOO much into...but I do tend to like girls who aren't too skinny and who look like they take care of their body. I also am drawn to a nice warm smile, eyes too are something that I like to look warm and welcome

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  • lol where are you from?!? lol

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