He keeps looking at me? What does this mean?

There is a guy that I'm sort of friends with. He has a girlfriend. We have one class together(jazz band- we're both really into music), and a few times recently I've caught him looking at me. I see it out of the corner of my eye, I wait a second, then I look at him, and smile a little just to be friendly. He will smile back, and then either look away, or make some random comment. He's pretty cute just f.y.i... Does this mean anything?


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  • It sounds like he likes you. Just have fun with it if you like him too. Be a little flirty, not to much though because it might creep him out. when you see him looking at you smile or wink. :)


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  • He's in awe by your presence. Take it as a compliment.

    If he becomes creepy, let him know, and he'll do his best to avoid you.

    I take it that you don't know what's going on..


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