Do guys not like being called cute?

Okay 2 of my guy friends say that they do not like being called cute. Do you feel the same way? And if you do please tell me why, and what other words you like to be called. Ohh and please tell me how do I know if one of my guy friends likes me?


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  • "cute is for girls"

    I'd prefer macho, good looking, sexy or even tough.

    He likes you if he teases you, spends time with you & for me I like it if a girl touches my arm or shoulder, things along those lines.

    I feel that if a girl is repulsed by me she wouldn't want to touch me.

  • When a girl uses cute to describe a man, it means that sex is off the table.

    • It's true, that's why girls freak out and ask "what does it mean if he calls me cute and not hot?", because they know what it means when they use it to describe a guy and they don't like the implication when it's used to describe them.

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