What makes a girl ugly?

I never thought I was ugly until my friends made some comments. I know that sounds bad but they didn't mean any harm and they do love me very much. It doesn't help that I am inexperienced :(

what makes a girl ugly?


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  • There is an inner and out way that defines a girl to be uglyhere are some:

    *ones who are conceited

    *the ones with a rude and bitchy attitude towards others for know reason

    *a lot of acne/pimples

    *not having the potential to take care of your body can make you look unattractive

    *heartless people who don't care about peoples situations but themselves

    *bad personality

    its more of what's on the inside that makes a girl ugly, not really outside. I have to say this is a really difficult question to answer.

    • u said acne but what is every thing else is considers good you know beautiful eyes high cheek bones big full lips light brown skin curvy but not over wight great personalty would you think that person is ugly just because she has acne

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  • Trendy females that have a flare for fashion, take care of their bodies and can carry a conversation would have to be extremely disfigured for me to call them ugly. As long as you've got all 3 things covered you're good. Also, when I say take care of their bodies, I mean eating healthy (most of the time) and taking the time to exercise 2-4 times a week. Diet alone will keep most people in shape. The exercise just gives a more complete look to your figure.

  • A girl cannot be ugly, if she wears good clothes, smells good, does her hair properly, takes good care of her skin.


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  • There is ugliness really unless someone is insecure and act out (be rude, etc). Ugliness is subjective and so is beauty. Be proud, confident, assertive, and sweet like honey. Most guys would fall mad for you. Trust me on this. Make sure to dress your best everyday and make progress on your exercise and work/career/school. It is very attractive to be with someone who has self confident and is living their dream. Think positive or work on it.

  • fat/bad shaped body

    no style

    don't do your hair

    bad skin

    wack personality

  • Inexperience does not make you ugly. Being mean & horrible makes you ugly. So take a look at your friends...that may be what ugly looks like.

  • -Asymmetrical facial features

    -Dark skin


    -Big nose or big lips

    • Are dark skin guys & girls ugly ?

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    • By society's standards, dark skin is generally considered ugly. And aren't y'all normally ragging on black people all of the time or do y'all just enjoy picking and choosing?

    • So basically if you are Indian (or around the region), African, Pacific Islander or just darker skinned you are ugly. If you weigh 1 kg overweight you are ugly. if you have big lips e.g. Angelina Jolie, you are ugly?

      Thats nice.

  • Nothing.


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