When a guy is flirting with you a lot what gives him the green?

When a guy is flirting with and hitting on you, what gives him the green light that you like it and want to continue?

Also what is the difference between flirting and hitting on, in your definition?


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  • If the girls goes with it (flirts back or whatever) then it'll give him a green light. A decent guy would stop if she acts like she's bothered by it.

    I think flirting is a bit more subtle than 'hitting on', but I donno.

    • I agree with reveries first statement. If a man flirts with a woman and she seems to like it and smiles or whatever, he will more than likely take that as a go ahead to talk to her.

      Imo flirting is more light. For example I may smile at a girl and look into her eyes or wink at her. Mayb ill say a light joke like hmm you're lookin pretty good today and smile and walk away or somethin. Hitting on imo is like me going up to a girl and basically talking to her but mayb in a sarcastic way.

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  • This is by far 1 of the best question that was raised, and yes! Reverie answered it brilliantly! I was blessed reading it already because my girl often gets bullied at work in similar fashion, and she felt cheap and at times that the fault lies with her even when she keeps quiet throughout.

  • Never underestimate smiling...expresses approval and lends encouragement...


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  • Flirting is more like a smile, a stare (a good way), a compliments (about your look, your hair, etc), and such.

    If you've got hit on is when a guy asks for your phone number, if he can buys you drinks, requests DJ plays song that you like, so he can ask you to dance, compliments on your look such as, you have a nice style, you have a good sense of humor and he likes that, ...

    What makes them to continue to flirt? you give them a green light, you smile back, you flirt back, you also find them attractive.

    I hope this help.


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