What do you call a girl who is good looking but not striking or stunning?

is that just pretty or cute or what? a girl who has better than average looks but isn't good looking enough to command a lot of male attention or make them notice her.

and guys, would you date a girl like this? I notice most of the really gorgeous or hot girls have boyfriends but the above average but not anything special girls don't, at least in my town.


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  • The above average girls get so much attention from average and below average guys they tend to get full of themselves and think they are hotter than they are. Then the above average girls refuse to settle for anything short of the best men in the area. The best men in the area don't want the above average girls they go for the really gorgeous or hot girls. So the above average girls end up alone, wondering why the guys they like don't like them back. They just need to lower their standards to a realistic level.


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  • You live in some weird town. Where I live stunning girls are intimidating, but girls a little less beautiful have lot of attention. Of course I would date such girl. If she is good person and we fit together than any time!

    And how I would cal good looking girl? I would say: good looking :D

  • I would date with a cute girl. I am not into hot sexy girls just cute and beautiful :)

  • cute, beautiful, pretty


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