Women run away from me. Women did you think I am unattractive?

Please be honset with me you really think I'm unattractive? because I tried talk to women but they seem run away from me? I'm not sure if I believe some women say I am good looking. Are they just being nice or mean it? I never have girlfriend in my life.
I think they run away from me because I'm deaf maybe that the reason?


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  • OK... Not gay... But I'll answer honestly.

    You look good... In fact I'd call you pretty attractive. Your face looks really friendly and that smile will do wonders if you use it right.

    What I can't really tell is your weight. From the pics you look in good shape but if you got some pounds on you, id work on that.

    I don't really see any reason for you not to get a girl. You're an attractive man. Got me beat for sure.

    Problem might be your personality. Be fun to be around. That's the key.

  • I guess none of the girls here find you attractive, hence not answering the question at all even though this question was directed to girls.


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