''You're pretty/beautiful/hot to me''

Does anyone else find this extremely insulting. I hate the 'to me' part thrown in at the end. It's so unnessisary and implies that the person is unattractive to other people. Why do some guys say this cos when they say it to me I feel like they're calling me ugly when I'm not
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  • Uhh I don't get it, sounds like you want everyone to find you attractive. If that guy is special to you, then that's a compliment that you should be grateful for. I'm sure he thinks your beautiful to other people, but if other people say things other wise he's trying to let you know your still beautiful to him regardless of what other people think. I don't say that to me part to my girlfriend, I tell her she's beautiful or gorgeous. Though people say that when someone calls the girl unattractive or makes them feel bad about their looks/appearance. It's like saying "F*** what other people say, your amazing to me and they need to open up their eyes and realize true beauty properly."

    • In fairness though no one has called me unattractive. I just don't know why he says it. Cos like you said, it's like saying ''no matter what anyone else thinks'', which makes you think 'well wtf are they saying.

    • uhh I'm not trying to put you down, everyone has a different preference. Not everyone will find you attractive but! I don't know if he saying that just in the event someone does or something I don't know.

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What Guys Said 3

  • He's trying to communicate HIS feelings. He may be phrasing it in a way that you feel is redundant, but it is not at all his intention to insult you. You are WAY overanalyzing here.

    Let me give you an example:

    Guy says: "Those jeans look nice on you."

    The girl is thinking: "Is he saying my other jeans look terrible? Does he think I'm fat? He probably thinks my ass is too big. Is he disgusted with my body? I bet wishes I had HER body. He's probably cheating on me with HER. He HATES ME! I'm gonna kill that bitch!"

    The guy was thinking: "Those jeans look nice on her."


    You've got to stop over-analyzing everything, especially when it comes from a guy. Generally, if a guy says something, that's what he means. It isn't a code for you to analyze and decypher.

  • you should be glad

  • You got problems


What Girls Said 4

  • "you're always beautiful to me"

    "i think you're beautiful"

    "my feelings are that you are beautiful"

    "in my eyes, you are beautiful"

    "i find you to be beautiful"

    "you're beautiful"

    ALL THE SAME THING - he is admiring you!

    Would you rather he say "wow, you are an objectively attractive person"... no, no you wouldn't.

  • I think you're overthinking it...the guy's just trying to give you a compliment...just smile and appreciate them!

  • Its a compliment! Its praising you and showing he thinks that about you :)

  • it's a compliment...


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