I never have girlfriend in my life. Be honest did you think I am unattractive?

Please be honest with me you really think I'm unattractive? because I tried talk to women but they seem run away from me? I'm not sure if I believe some women say I am good looking. Are they just being nice or mean it? I never have girlfriend in my life.
the other reason I think they run away from me because I'm deaf?
I forgot to tell you I never have girlfriend in my life. Anyone got advise for me when I meet girl can I be myself or just a little be bad boy?


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  • Maybe it was what you were wearing, just dress it casual hip and you can't go wrong because you aren't bad looking at all.

    Some girls may not want to date a guy who happens to be deaf but many out there would.

    • that was the whole idea, but then again it could just be he gets all the girls cus of his nickname... BIG D!

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    • Locker room? that funny lol @ ladsin. Well I'm not really smile person I'm more serious person that my problem that why I need to get my old self back lol

    • oh ewwww haha

  • You are attractive, in my opinion.

    I don't think it has anything to do with your looks, rather than your attitude (maybe). Try to work on that.

    • Yea maybe I guess

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    • Because a charming personality is so compelling. You wouldn't be able to reject such guy for his looks, you'll feel like you lost ALOT.

    • i hate the standards you women have

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  • i have a mild form of autism, but according to Asailum he thinks that should not be an excuse, I wish I could kick his ass

  • lol naw you kinda look like my friend d-boi, he gets p**** all the time, so I doubt its looks

  • As a guy I know I am not the best judge, but you look fine to me. Maybe you need to work on your approach. The clothes you were wearing at the time might have given them the wrong idea about you. Make sure to pay attention to your body language.

    • my clothes? really?

    • I don't know what you were wearing at the time. Women do judge men based on how they are dressed. It is just one possible reason. More than likely it is your approach. Maybe its the fact you are deaf. They may not know how to communicate with you if you are completely deaf. I am not deaf so I can not relate to that.

    • Well, I'm not really completely deaf I still have my left ear can hear little bit but my right ear full deaf and I can read lips little bit.

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