What makes a guy hot?

I would like to know in DETAIL PLEASE what makes a guy hot? What is it about him that would clasify him as hot? PErsonality and looks. What about a guy would make you melt when looking at him?


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  • Oooooh fun :3 So obviously that's a REALLY subjective question...

    Umm here's a list of things I like.. I don't mean that all these things have to be there or the guy isn't attractive, just nit-picky things.

    Comfortable in their own skins

    musicians! (I'm a musician so I know that they understand a deep part of me)


    good sense of humor!

    washboard abs

    black hair and bright eyes (as a combination)

    pronounced jaw line

    deep voice

    raspy voice

    long fingers

    emos :P

    stubble(facial hair)

    lean arms (I love feeling people's arms)

    piercings (not gauges though O.o)

    guy liner (LOVE)


    black jeans

    hair that's spiked in front


    black hair

    emo hair

    shaved head (to the point of shininess, buzz cuts are meh)


    people with opinions



    SMELL! (I love cologne!)

    ... That's all I can think of


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  • Blue eyes, doesn't really matter the color of hair, I personally like dark brown or blond, if its brown its cute grown out just a little, if its blond its best buzzed. has the sporty style (nike, under armour) or like the more dressed up I guess (skinny jeans, plaid, polo shirts jackets hoodies stuff like that) and fit. for personality he should be funny and a flirt oh and sweet of course :)

    • lmao what about black hair? :( :p

    • for black hair, make it more like taylor launters hair...the guy I dated brendon he had black hair and his hair was like buzzed grown out a little, that works good too!

    • I have it back, kinda like ricky from secret teen, you can look it up lol

  • 1-Mucels

    2-Pretty soft hair

    3-wearing black clothes


    5-white teeth

    6-warm voice(that make girls die over guys when there voiuce is really warm the make them feel comfy

    7-sense of humor

    8-talent (just any talent , girls are attracted to talented boys)

    9-clean nails


    • a little picky arnt u? :p lol

  • Confidence and intelligence.

    • why does that not seem like enough?

    • Because each girl has her own standards. To one girl, these could be enough but not the same for another girl.

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  • if he's on fire

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