For average looking girls- how did you meet your boyfriend?

it seems like being average looking is a curse these days. guys only seem to want to talk to pretty girls.

if you are considered average looking, how did you meet your boyfriend? and where?

do guys ever give the average looking girl a chance?


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  • I consider myself as slightly above average (on a good day, 6/10), and believe me, its not thaaat hard to win a guy over. Just don't come across as too needy, but at the same time show him that you're interested. Also, always try to look your best. Even average girls can look quite nice when they put some time into it. I usually go for average girls myself, because I don't really feel comfortable going outside my league, unless I find a girl who is really hot and still attracted to me (which hasn't happened :p)..but I'm sure you'll be alright!


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  • *correction:

    average is better. really pretty means higher chance of rejection.

    and yes. I give her a chance. especially if she approaches me.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm below average looking and single, but I have friends who are less attractive than I am and 1 is married. Parties and clubs won't be an unattractive/average person's strong point, those are for hot people. If you are around a guy for a long period of time and can impress him with your charm and other non-physical traits, you have a good chance at getting a boyfriend. Also, keep your focus on average looking to below average looking guys. And don't pay much attention to the shallow average looking guys that try to be like the hot guys that attract attention. Those are usually posers and won't give you the relationship you want anyway.


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