How can I find attraction in the guy I'm interested in?

I really like this guy. He's very cute and we're a good match. We live in the same dorm and are spending a lot of spare time together. We always have a good time together, but I can't seem to find him attractive. In one way he's like a little brother I can joke around with, but in another way I really like him as a possible future boyfriend. Sometimes when I'm with him I feel like kissing him, and sometimes I feel guilt for sending out the wrong signals since I have a hard time finding attraction for him. He's a really sweet and shy guy and the last thing I'd like to do is hurt him because I know he's interested in me. Please help me!


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  • eeek! sounds like a certain somebody needs to make up their mind! I don't know how it is for you, but in my case, the attraction definitely grows with the relationship. when I first met my ex I didn't think she was spectacular looking either. at the end of the first year of going together, I thought she was the most beautiful thing on the planet. make sense? there's no shame in falling for somebody because you're attracted to their personality and the way they carry themselves.. it's just being not shallow and maturing a little bit.. if you found a great guy who is just so-so looking and that's a deal breaker for you I'd imagine that your standards are like wayyyy too high. you're not perfect either, sister.

    good luck!



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  • what is the age difference between you and him?becuase if he is mature then go ahead and talk with him, flirt with him,and definitely if he is intrested he will forget his shyness and come close to you...


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