How to get a good looking Boyfriend?

I am 1 meter 78, I have brown wavy hair and I am slightly tanned. I am curvy and do lots of sports. I have dated all these guys that ...well aren't exactly the most attractive ...I want to know how I can date a hotter guy. Help please :P


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  • How to get a good looking Boyfriend? Only accept dates from hot guys and ask out hot guys

    To hold their interest:

    Be beautiful face and body wise

    Be interesting

    Be polite

    Be independent

    Be feminine


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  • Can't you post a picture?

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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  • If looks are really important to you and that is your main concern, well then you just turn down dates from guys who don't meet your criteria and wait for the guys that do.

    There is no way to magically get "hot" guys to date you or consider you, you can only choose from the group of men who do approach you. And, since I don't believe in asking guys out, I would not say that you should start approaching hot guys and asking them for dates. Beyond that, make sure you are around guys that you find attractive but don't try to do anything that screams desperation around them. Be yourself and see who finds you interesting. Trying to be someone you are not or wear clothing and act in a manner that you think will get a hot guy interested just looks sad.

    Oh, and you might want to rethink your desire for "hot". I agree we all want to date someone we are attracted to and that is fine, but making looks the priority is not likely to get you a good partner. Good luck!

  • mm, seems as though you have your priorities set the wrong way around!

    It should be personality before anything! Just find a guy loves you for who you are and which has a great personality! I mean the looks would be a bonus and would be sweet! ofc

    But imagine,

    that you got the hottest guy ever but his personality was crap and he only used you?!


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