How not to seem boring?

Two hours a week we have geography at school, and I sit with this really cute boy. I haven't spoken that much to him, but I know he's smart, outgoing and seems funny and kind. The thing is, that I feel so stupid siting next to him! There isn't anything I can do to seem cool or funny! We're just siting there like "yeah, so let's find argentina on the map then..". And he has this friend, who is a girl, siting right behind us, so sometimes he turns around and start talking to her. While I am just siting there forever alone... so my question is: do you have any tips to make the class less awkward? Any fun stuff to say or talk about? thanks on beforehand :)


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    Just joke around with him, draw cute stuff on his paper etc

    • drawing things? it sonds good in my head, but I don't know him that well and haven't spoken to him outside class, so wouldn't it be weird jut to take his paper and draw random stuff?

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    • but joking around.. it's limited how much fun you could say about the earth's inner forces...

    • you can talk about other stuff, get to know him

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  • ummm change yyour style ask him questions so he will talk to you instead of other girls

    • but I don't know what to ask, and whenever I ask him something, it's not fun, if tou see what I mean. it doesn't make him want to hang out with me :P

    • Just flirt with him flirting is good smile a lot ask him hoow has your day...what you doing later on ...want more?

  • breast implants :D


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