How do you like girls to look at homecoming?

its my first homecoming and I want to look really good. do you like girls with short dresses, long dresses? how do you like their hair? and do you care if a girl doesn't have a date to the dance? thanks(:


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  • totally depends on the girl. although id say the more you stand out the better. so id say go with a longer dress, since all of the girls wear short frilly ones. but hey that's my opinion.

    hair- depends on the girl again.

    date- doesn't matter at all! lol. go with friends. you'll meet someone there.


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  • I think long dresses can be so so beautiful! But if you don't want to do what everyone else will then wear a short dress. and as long as you look good, it deosnt matter.

  • If you wanted to be "normal" (and as that other guy said, it's okay to stand out!), wear a short dress. Some people choose to wear their hair up and others wear it down, so it depends on the person.

    Go dateless if you have to... you'll have fun with your friends and probably meet some guys there! :)


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