How do you get noticed?

Ok so I'm on a dance team and we are with the college band a lot. I know everyone immediately thinks "band geek" but not everyone is a geek, and there are some really cute and funny guys in the band, especially drummers (which happens to be my favorite thing to listen to along with a piano). I want to get noticed by some of these guys because I felt so invisible in hs and I didn't like it. There are a lot of girls on my team that are skinnier and prettier than me, so the guys all flock to them. I'm not the ugliest girl on the team, but I'm not the prettiest or close to. Even when I try to make myself look nice and I put effort into how I look and I get out of my comfort zone talking to people, I still am not getting notice. I'm pretty sure they just know me as "that girl" or "the one with the redish hair whose really tall". They know my friends' names and have made comments on how pretty and hot they are. I don't want all the attention, but I want to get noticed enough to at least have them know my name so when we are at parties I don't get called "you" or "that one girl on the team". Any advice?


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  • Its not about looks, or how pretty you look that day or how skinny you are. Its about how you present your self. If your confident in what you do than you will get noticed. Don't change yourself for someone. If you just stay your self someone will come around. They may not be in the band, or they might be. Who knows? You might just meat him standing in line at a gas station. Just keep being your self and keep your self open and someone will find you.


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