What are your routines?

So do you have any routines you have to do?

For me it's before I take a shower. I have to bring all the stuff I'll need into the bathroom and I fold the clothes I'll put on when I get out. then I fold the clothes that I took off and put them on the opposite side of the sink. then I put on music, then I get in the shower. I wash my hair first, then I clip up my hair (so it doesn't drip water on my legs while I'm shaving), then I shave. when I'm all done I turn down my music, then turn off the water, then put my hair in a towel then dry off. soon as I'm dry I put my clothes on, wash my face, then take my hair out of the towel. then I brush my hair and put it back in the towel again. then I take it out, and blow dry my hair.

haha I know that a lot, yours doesn't need to be that thorough, but that's mine! It can be any routine for anything.


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  • wake up and turn off the alarm

    turn on the laptop and enter password

    fix my couch/bed same sh*t lol

    go peepee

    eat cereal, clean bowl and everything

    get my clothes and shower, then I brush when I get out

    surf the web, email, fb, look at daily deals and other random sites

    pack my daily cracker or snack into my bag, with a bottle of water

    check if I have everything in my bag and put tissues inside incase of runny nose

    put keys in my LEFT pocket

    put on shoes and leave to go wherever

    once I'm out ill look at the skies and look into the corner deli to see if the cat is there


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What Guys Said 1

  • 1. wake up and hit the snooze button

    2. see #1

    3. see #1

    4. get up and warm up breakfast then use the bathroom

    5. eat breakfast

    6. get my clothes together that I'm going to wear for the day

    7. brush my teeth and shower

    8. get dressed and goto class

    i try to avoid waking up and jumping on the laptop...


What Girls Said 1

  • 1. put on my shower playlist. today, this song was featured: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wAHWtou0tQ 'am I throwing you off?' hehehe

    2. toss everything into the hamper

    3. jump in, shampoo, soap up, whilst dancing :D


    great routine yea? :p


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