Ingrown hairs - what should I do to prevent them?

I have problem with ingrown hairs on my legs. it began when I started using wax. nowadays I don't use wax any more and I stopped shaving them for a while to make them fine. I always have big red points on them - it looks like acne. and if I try tu pull it out - there's a long hair inside it. can you give me any advice how to get rid of them? I couldn't wear any skirt or shorts for all summer. I often get depressed by it because there are thousands of girls which can wear all that nice summer clothing. I use to love shirts and skirts/dresses in summer and now I can just look on them in my wardrobe :(


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  • dont shave so often and before and after you shave, use soap on the area to remove the particles with create them.

    also try shaving down instead of up

    • yes, Iam doing it down, but my legs aren't as smooth as they were when I did it up

    • yeah, I know what you mean. I prefer shaving down too.

      i usually wait 3 days before shaving again to give it a little time to grow.

      but definitely using a scrubby before and after with some soap helped mine go down,

      and after you shave use vitemin E moisturizer:)

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  • after shave lotion helps with irritation/red bumps give nivea after shave balm a try. I used to get those when shaving my chest nivea after shave balm did the job.

    also you could stop shaving/waxing and start using nair (Its a hair removal product a lot of body builders use it) It works 100%

    I looked at your profile your gorgeous:)

    • gorgeous people have f***ing problems too :) I am often going crazy because of it and I am looking for any advice, so I will maybe try it

    • gorgeous not perfect...

    • nobody is perfect, but to have smooth legs its nothing about being perfect - its common for every girl.

  • Check this link:



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  • Soaking your legs in warm water for a long time before and after helps! It opens up your pores and gets the wax closer to the hair folicle! Hope that helps!

  • get a good body cream with aloe vera or alpha hydroxy acids

  • I get them too on my legs, it sucks. Stitches link seems helpful. About the summer skirts and dresses, I still wear them but I also wear a very thin (10denier) pair of black or grey tights to make the spots less noticeable.

    • I don't wear anything like that, because when its too hot my legs sweat and it gets worse. I am using RSB, but in our country you need prescription to get it. sometimes I am going crazy when I see my legs, its yours as bad as mine? or do you have it just sometimes?

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    • RSB - I am not sure, but every doctor can give you prescription. Its 60% alcohol with salicyl and borax. you can try it.

    • Thankyou, I think I will :).

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