Guys, would stretch marks bother you?

I was 17 on July, I'm 5'4 and 53 kgs (not sure how much in lbs). Compared to other girls, I have quite a lot of stretch marks. I have them on my inner thighs, 4 on my right hip, and some at the top of my calves. Would these turn you off? I have a picture on my profile but it only shows my top half, & doesn't show my stretch-mark areas so I don't think it'd be any help.


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  • Generally from what I hear, guys don't like stretchmarks, but I highly doubt that will affect your presentation and ability to find and date guys. Just because you have something about you that isn't favored (I personally don't even care) doesn't mean guys will suddenly lose interest. You're pretty in my opinion, which means more to most guys than anything.

    And besides, it usually isn't that easy to see a girls inner thigh or right hip unless she wants you to, lol.

    • Thanks. Your answer is pretty helpful. If only half the guys weren't so damn superficial all the time.

    • Sadly, I could say the same about the girls, haha.

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  • Turn off? No.

    You seem to be a lovely girl. I'm sure you'll be fine.

  • Hell no.

    EVERYONE HAS THEM. No matter how bad they may seem...EVERYONE HAS THEM

    Its not a big deal to me at all. Lotion can help smooth them.

  • I have stretch marks too. (middle of back, hips, butt) They aren't exactly attractive, but I wouldn't be hypocritical about them, considering I have them too.

  • srry, but they would turn me off. is there any way to get rid of them?

    • Unfortunately not. They only ever fade. I've never been overweight in my life, so I wish they only had something to do with weight.

    • I got my stretch marks from a growth spurt. (I'm 6'4" and still growing)

      By the way, I recommend Bio Oil if you have them. Really does work well at making them less visible.

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