Guys what makes you think a girl is easy when you don't know her & she dresses conservatively?

I dress conservatively yet I seem to attract creeps all the time and once in a while disgusting comments.I am assuming some of these people may think I am easy for some reason? I don't know so if a girl dresses conservatively, what would make you think she is easy? Is it her looks? how she acts? what you think? are there certain girls that have easy across their forehead?

some of these people don't know me at all so how can they tell? some make lewd comments towards me or insinuating comments? I don't like it so what should I do? I am a nice person and don't feel I should act like B**ch to guys or have a front up.


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  • I think sometimes being too conservative attracts guys because they become interested in what you're hiding, and obviously being really revealing attracts guys because they get turned on. Either extreme you'll probably find creeps.

    And yeah, some people just LOOK a certain way, we can't describe it, but they do, it sucks, so we have to learn how to deal with it.

    Also, I'd go as far as saying that many women have to deal with creeps, so what you think is frequent creep attraction might be normal creep attraction to most girls. It's hard to say.

    • What type of look would she have to have?? you know I dress conservately so it's not that. for instance I asked a guy in class if he knew what might be on a test & he said if I flashed him, he would tell me. my friend and I just looked at him and then he said just kidding

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    • I never said you were religious. My point was as long as you're really conservative in dressing, guys will probably be more likely to pick on you. People on extremes of anything get targeted for humor. Have you ever asked these guys why they pick on you?

    • No because these are people I don't really know..people that I see in passing. you could be right?? I have no idea

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  • i guess you would better neglect, ignore and never pay attention to them.

    you are free to wear what ever makes you feel happy, and comfortable.

    just don't pay attention to them at all , just don't!

    • Thanks I really don't but I would just like to not every have it happen

    • Yeah , I feel for you.

      but you will just have to face it.