Need tips on getting a job?

Im going to apply at sonic and I want to be a bus girl/waitress or whatever so I can have money daily.

I know they usually want a pretty girl but I'm not gorgeous can anyone give me tips on things I should say or how I should dress/look so I can hopefully get this job


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  • Personality and confidence will take you very far in life. Go dresed respectfully. You're going to Sonics so you don't have to go in a business suit, but something casual and respectful to show that you are serious about getting a job. They're going to ask why you want to work there. They're going to ask why should they hire you. They're going to ask what days can you work and how long can you work for. Be honest with your answers and again, let your personality show and be confident.

    • Thank you :) I know this might sound dumb but I have only 1 shirt that's not offensive in anyway but its a little tight and I also have really big boobs for my size should I try and make them look smaller so hopefully it won't offend them lol id hate for something as simple as that to ruin my chance

    • Well you can't help if you have big boobs. Just make sure the girls aren't all over the place and you'll be okay. If you have to, see if a friend or a family member has a shirt that you can borrow. And for the future, always make sure that you keep a few good shirts, blouses and pants in stock. You never know when you may need them.

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  • Try flirting. Not the best advise but it works for me girlfriend. And she's gotten out of every ticket.


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  • be polite and clean. work on your communication skills. don't mumble


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