How to approach girl I like?

there's this girl which I really like but I don't think she likes me (not sure about her feelings about anybody Because she's always nice) ... I didn't tell her I liked her Because here in Egypt girls are different than in other countries xD :

40% are slutty (sure she isn't)

55% don't want to be dragged in any relationships

and just 5% can be real girlfriends

so the success rate is so low .. this is in addition that she doesn't make it obvious that she likes me or anything

she recently moved to another school so I just thought .. OK I'll just forget about her and then she just posted on ma wall on Facebook ( saying hi and that she misses us all her friends in her old school bla bla bla ) and again I remembered her ...

what should I do ?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Just ask her if she wants to chill/ hang out with you (: Give her a hug when you meet and see how she reacts. Be a little bit touchy and flirty, if she reacts well you'll know the answer haha.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well, I live in Egypt.
    The success rate is more than 5%, They are just playing hard to get.
    Talk with her test the waters and act accordingly.


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