Are you attracted to older guys? How much older is not OK? Do I have a chance?

I totally like this guy that's graduated college; he's so nice & wickedly sexy. He's played soccer w/me before & seemed to respond to my flirts. He's hugged me for longer than friends & listens to all my stories & issues I have. He told me to wait for the perfect guy Because I'll get tons of offers. How nice is that? He also told me he's never seen boobs so big on a girl that wasn't fat! I mean c'mon! He's looking @ my ta-tas!?! He even said something about my bum, that it "sticks-out" (I don't really know if that's good). Is there any chance he'd date a chick in 9th grade? Think he'd @ least hook-up w/me? Pls say yes.


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  • I love guys in their 20s and 30s I'm 16 lol!

    • Yeah...I have no intesest in having a HS kid go down on me.

      But a strong confident man! Hell yeah!

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    • Talk me into going for it w/this guy...pls. :)

      What should I do?

      btw, he works for my Dad.

    • Okay! You need to go for this guy, one he is older and two he is attracted to you! Need I say more? Lol. How old is he btw?

      I think you should give him your number if he doesn't have it already and flirt with him a lot. Let him know you want to ride his ride ;)

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  • Your profile says 17, you hint here grade 9.

    There's a fair difference. A college grad would feel awkward about dating a 17 year old, but might do it, besides you're almost out of hs. Grade 9 I doubt it.

    When he said wait for the perfect guy, he may have been wishing you'd wait, untouched and unspoiled, till you were old enough to be with him. But he doesn't expect that.

  • Even if he is attracted to you -- and it certainly sounds like he is -- you shouldn't pursue a relationship. If you're really that young, you can't legally give your consent, and he can go to jail for rape.


  • Sure why not , anyone can go out with anyone , that why it called love with no limits just do your best

    • Cool, if it were you what would you think of a teenager flirting w/you. BTW on fb guys of all ages have called me hot...which I think is true...@ least for my age. I also get asked to flash my boobs sometimes, not just on fb. lol

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    • Well rods sexy somehow and dangerous somehow ;)))

      Try 1 Pc or something without rode

      You have a sexy boobs anyway ( but that was small shot :))

      But in that red shirt somehow nothing shows =P

    • In the pic of me in the red shirt was like 2 years ago.

      Pre boobage! LOL

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  • I have always been attracted to older guys. I don't know why, I just always have. Currently I would date someone 10 years older than me. But, at your age I would not have dated a guy that has graduated college if the opportunity had come up.

  • I'm attracted to older guys. If you're under 18, 2 years is probably the most I'd go. Over 18 5 years might be the max I'd go.

  • Ive dated older guys my entire life, luckily I was always able to hold mature conversations with them so I was never used. What this man needs to understand is that he is taking a huge risk by dating you. Not only that I find it extremely odd for a grown man to be interested in a 13/14 year old (I know he is after one thing, they love to prey on young girls, and plus he is only commenting on your body, he is a huge pedophile.)

    • Pedophile = attracted to PRE-pubescent children. Misusing the term doesn't help anyone.

    • A grown man attracted to children is what this guy is. It'd be different if she was 17 or 18 but this girl stated she's in 9th grade, which I assume she is only 13/14 years old.

    • Wait what? I'm only hoping he likes me. His ex is really pretty & his age.

      Honestly I want to give him oral. But I've never done that & also don't know how to ask him if I can.

  • Well he probably only wants sex with you You are still very young so I'd say he's too old and just taking advantage. If you were in your 20s and he was a lot older, I'd say it's not a big deal since you are a legal adult. At this point though, you're too young for him and just asking for trouble.


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