How to get him to notice me more?

Theres a guy in my classes who stares at me, and I catch him doing it. I'm really shy though, but I've seen him staring as I said, and he's pretty outgoing. He has sorta a loner side too though and will be in the library after school and stuff, just alone. How can I get him to notice me more or have the urge to talk to me?

Guys, what would fuel you to talk to a girl, confront her, or contact her in any way (more than just eye contact)? Be specific! Include style, personality.


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  • Just go and sit next to him in the library, he likes you so he won't mind. I'm a loner, but that doesn't mean I don't like to talk to people. Just start a conversation with him, if you haven't already introduce your self to him, even thou you don't need to its a good way to start a conversation. Be a little flirty with him, get him to open up to you. Even if your shy you can still get him to open up to you. Your going to have to make the first move.


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