Is he interested in me?

There's this guy I've met up with, we watched a scary movie together and he held around me all the time, sometimes stroking my arm, shoulder and stomach, he also held my hand. He pulled me closer when the movie got scarier and scarier, and I got a little scared. Later that night we finally kissed, and that was my first kiss. We made out too. He was so sweet and nice.

Since I slept over at his house, before we went to bed he asked for a good night hug, and when we woke up the morning after he asked for a morning hug. Does he like me and is he interested? What does all those thing he did, mean?


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  • I hope my rating answered your question. Use your senses giiiirrrrrll.

    • I use my senses and all, but I'm not sure about his actions because he's known to be a player, or at least he was known for that last year..

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    • Well.. We tried to have sex, but since I was a virgin it hurt pretty bad. After 1-2 minutes I told him it hurt, and he asked if we should just drop it, and I said "We could just continue and finish", but he pulled out, looked me in the eyes, kissed my cheek and forehead.

    • Then after that we went to sleep.

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