Why guys call me cute not beautiful?

my question is this what is the difference between a cute gir and beautiful girl...?
well guys thanks for your comment but I think I'm beautiful and cute both...its not physique dudes its over all personality which decide whether you are beautiful or cute or ugly ...this is my original pic without any editing or makeup any other thing yes you are right lossing weight makes me hot and sexy but I dnt want that comment...yaa for getting fit I ll losse weight ...


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  • They call you cute because of your weight. Lose weight = look better

    (this only applies if you're overweight, the same doesn't apply for average weight or under weight)

    It's brutal but true.

    • thanks but by loosing weight I look hot any sexy ...that makes me attracctive not beautiful...

    • If I'm honest. You're picking at straws. Simply loosing weight does not make one "hot and sexy" there are some things out of our control that have to be in place for that to happen.

      Anyway, attractiveness and beauty go hand in hand. It's blunt but I doubt you will ever be as beautiful as you want to be, just as I will never be as handsome as I want to be. You just have to do what you can to get you as close to what you want as possible.

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  • I don't mean to offend you but you would look better if you do exercises and lose weight. And when you do, guys will call you beautiful.

    • well I ask this question for getting ans ...well I think I'm such a girl who cannt be rated by any guy...im chubby cute beautiful girl with confidence...i ask this question to rectified your beautful concept...lossing weight give you hot and sexy look but beauty is some thing different

    • No, losing weight is not going to make you look "hot & sexy" in any way, unless you wear revealing and figure hugging clothes.

  • cute is fine. Beautiful is not entirely different. Little changes like perfect physique and style will make you go from cute to beautiful.

    • no dude that makes me sexy and hot...not beautiful...that makes me attractive

  • you are cute , but beautiful girls are like photo models

    • ok then most of the girls and women are cute not beautiful as only 2%of girls look like celebrety and dude plzz check those girls without makeup

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