Why doesn't he care?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year. We live together also. Every morning I wake up early to cook him breakfast and pack his lunch. I leave notes in his luchbox, send him sweet texts, and make sure I am always looking my best for him. He will help me with breakfast if I ask or make dinner, if I ask.

I have explained to him that I would really like the "little things" every now and then to let me know he cares. He recently told me he loved me, but hasn't said it again. When I say it he doesn't say it back. I have got flowers, once, after a fight. The worst time to give flowers in my opinion. He has now told me I look nice once, and pretty once. He is not good at communicating, and I thought that was only words but I now realize he's not good at communicating in any way. My feeling get hurt really easily and they have been getting hurt a lot lately due to the lack of things to show me he cares.

He goes out for 1 drink with a buddy at a place I don't like going (old job) and then we had plans to go out together. He texts me almost 3 hours later asking if I want to go there. So we didn't go out together. He went to his dad's one day and I was too tired to go ad I was waiting at home in lingerie with candles lit. After hours of not coming home, then saying he was leaving soon, I finally called him and told him I was waiting and what I was wearing. He told me he'd be home soon then went to buddy's house and didn't even let me know. He came home hours later. I felt stupid and I never want to do that again.

He has become more affectionate and I know he is trying to work on what I have talked about. I don't want to change him, I just want him to care about me. Is there any chance I will ever get what I need?

Oh ya... his last girlfriend broke his heart. They were engaged and she left him for another man after over 5 years. Could this be part of it? That was 3 years ago. Thanks


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  • Why are you making him breakfast or pack his lunch? That is moms job not GF. Stop babying him then maybe he'll stop acting like one.


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