Do you usually look at a girl and think she is cute, hot, or not?

Just by the first look? Like anything posture or looks she has that determine what you think? Features?


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  • He by how she looks and the way she acts. Hot girls are the ones with the eprfect face, perfect hair, model body who are a little stuck up. Cute girls are the ones with nice curves, nice hair, maybe a little on the shorter side and have a bubbly personality. I'm more attracted to cute girls.


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  • The first thing I look at is her face, if she has a cute face then at the very least she is cute. Then I look at the body to determine if she is hot, I look for any of the three: big breasts, nice butt, or great body: So if she has a cute face and one of the three other attributes then she is hot. If she has everything, she is perfectly smoking hot!

  • if you are a girl - and not like 300 pounds - then you qualify for me to look at you and make that call.

  • i look at face first then ass...then general body shape, then boobs and the rest


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, everyone does it. I mostly notice face then body. Then personality when I talk to them. All these factors are taken into account then my brain decides if they are sexy, cute etc. Personality also adds way more points to a first judgment of their physical appeal which can bump their score up.

    • Didnt know judging a persons appearance is a math game?

    • It isn't...? I am allowed to judge someones attractiveness and determine whether they are cute, sexy, average, plain, mingin' etc it's pretty normal...

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