Are guys eyes really that attractive to you girls?

Every time I get complimented on my eyes if I ask a girl if she thinks I'm attractive. Or that I'm cute.

What does that mean? Am I attractive enough to get laid?


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  • You can have the prettiest eyes and still be a creepy old man. Look at Dumbledore! :D

    • Funny but he might have looked nice once upon a time...

    • Yes. OK let me put it this way. I ride the city bus every day, and there are some guys with really pretty eyes. But it doesn't keep them from looking creepy or smelling bad. D:

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  • Well you have to have good looking eyes to look good, you can't change your eyes no matter how many surgeries if someone has cross eyed eyes or too far apart, or too close she will look bad...

    But just having them doesn't make you pretty, just on the right track...

  • no matter how beautiful your eyes may be, they will not help you get laid, sorry dude

    • no I was implying girls only say it because I'm not that attractive looking

  • If your personality is, to girls, as pretty as they reckon your eyes are, then probably :D


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