Describe your perfect girl?

For instance my perfect guy would be.

fairly rounded brown eyes,curly long eyelashes.

Jet black hair

tanned skin

a little bit taller than me (I'm 5'4) so about 5'7?

toned body.

Personality; Great humor, loving, caring, responsible, smart, family oriented.

If I ever got that^ I would be so happy!

but I don't mind anything else!

what about you? :-)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Blue eyes

    Blonde hair

    Pale skin

    Tall (5'10ish maybe)

    Skinny (but not super model skinny) with small boobs and butt

    Personality: Intelligent, gets my humor, honest, faithful, caring, organized, highly hygienic (I'm a bit of a germaphobe), at least somewhat outgoing, and responsible enough to stand by me against any problem


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  • Cute face, shorter than me, great humor, caring , loving, loyal, has goals in her life, intelligent,

    nice style, not too many ex'es, smiles a lot and yeah...

  • I kinda am like the guy tha you meantioned .. except for a few things lol I ain't 5'7" .. I am 5'10"

    I don't have a toned body . LOL

    I am not trying to hit at you , so don't worry .

    My girl would be shorter than me , cute , little cheeky , funny , down to earth , smart , loving, honest , caring , she must be a bit curvy ... nice round boobs and butts , sweet smile , white teeth, black or brunnete hair .

    • Aw, you just described me;)

      You should be worried, cos' I'm hitting on you. LOOOL

      just kidding :-)

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    • I just felt like it :P and aha;D

    • :)

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