My face breaks out constantly, advice?

So my face breaks out constantly. Not just sometimes, all the time. I've tried almost every brand of face stuff out there. I have even been to the dermatologist's office & he gave me samples of gels & things but they never worked for me. He also put me on Amoxicillin which cleared my skin up a little bit. My skin is constantly oily too. The only thing I Haven't tried is Pro Active which I really want to try. But I was wondering if there is anything else out there that works? Any other things I should try? Any help is greatly appreciated!


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  • Since your skin is oily, you should use soap-free foaming cleansers. Also, when you moisturize, make sure you are using an oil-free moisturizer. I recommend a gel moisturizer. Pro Active has worked for a lot of my friends, but it actually made me break out a little bit :< And make sure no hair products get to your face ! There might also be a problem with the make-up you use, if you are using any. I have sensitive and oily skin, so maybe you can try out some of the products I use:

    Morning cleanser- link

    Night cleanser- link (this works best for removing make-up)

    Pre-moisturizer- link

    Moisturizer- link

    Toner- link ( I only use this when I run out of my laneige pre-moisturizer)

    They're a little pricey :

    • Yes, they are a bit pricey. If I could find something similar to them all, I'd certainly buy them! I'm just so sick of my face breaking out. I've tried so many things. I'll try one thing & it'll work for a while but then all of a sudden, my face gets so used to it, I have to find something different to use. Its so frustrating sometimes >_< But thank you so much for the advice!

    • U should start out with getting the best cleanser and the best moisturizer for your skin. There are lots of really good drugstore brands like Olay and Neutrogena =) Good luck !

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  • I have oil skin and Proactive does work.

    Try to not touch your face unless your hands are clean, and change your bedsheets often. If you can change pillow cases every day that would make a huge difference.

  • My wife noticed a huge drop in acne when she started taking greens+, vitamin c and maca.


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  • Healthy diet, drink lots of water, exercise and use what your doctor prescribed for you.


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