Question about hair extensions?

This mostly towards girls who know how to take care of extensions.

I am a bit of a... collector if you could say? /Has a crap load of feather earrings and hair extensions/ I just find them to be fun. I only wear one or two at most. Now a huge hot pink one is extremely knotted up, I did attempt to brush it but then I thought "Oh god its going to come off." so I stopped. Is their a way to fix them? Will water damage them? I have fake ones not real hair. Like the ones at Claries


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  • If they're tangled beyound repair there's no way to untangle them. Even if you manage it with some conditioner, they will still be ruined and pulled. It's best just to replace them if they're that cheap. Or, invest in some super high end hair extensions made of real human hair. You can get them for very cheap if you look at online auctions. The best hair extensions are Le Angelique Angel Hair. Find them on Ebay.


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