How to keep looking fresh during a concert?

I'm going to the Little Wayne concert on saturday, and I want to look amazing. I'll be very close to weezy :)

Anyway, I'm doing my hair with a waver (its 2 big curling irons attached to a plate and it waves the hair) with a headband and make it teased. I'm not really good at teasing hair, so I need some advice. How do I make the hair stay up all night? What products should I use?

Also, is there anything I should put over my makeup to keep the makeup from smearing or smudging?

Again, I have to look PERFECT!

I didn't ask for music opinions.


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  • Why? These rappers are some of the biggest posers in the music industry. They get the impression that they're really pharaohs, projecting the image that they're superior to us puny mortals. Most of them are convicted criminals. Dwayne Michael Carter AKA "Lil Wayne" was charged with possession of narcotic drugs for sale (Weed, Cocaine, and Ecstasy) and possession of unlicensed firearms, not to mention the $22,000 in cash he had on him during one traffic stop (I wonder what he was going to do with that). Kids like him "rap" about senseless violence, gangs, sex and drugs, while avoiding topics that can help bring light to certain important elements in our society such as education, health care and the state of welfare in this country. While there are a few guys doing it, most of the "mainstream" rappers are sorry excuses for humans, willing to rap about how they "make that cheese" and "get shorties" in order to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, most don't even think about giving some of their earnings back to their community to help less fortunate kids.

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    • Excuse me, I didn't ask for your opinion on music. Since you freely gave that little tidbit, let me refute. I do not idolize little wayne whatsoever, I simply enjoy his music. For your information, I don't even like most rap- I listen to techno, but I enjoy little wayne as well. The "scum of society" are really the people who are so close minded and judgemental that they immediately assume little wayne is my effing hero. Check yourself before you go preaching to those who don't need to be preached to.

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  • Nobody can just answer the question anymore.

    Cool-relax was right though. Hairspray is the way to go.

    And if you're using eye makeup, keep it very thin and apply a coat of eyebrow pencil to it. Makes it resist sweat much more.

    And NO lipstick. Lip Gloss. And make sure it's poppin'.

    • Thanks for the eyebrow pencil tip! I've never heard that before...I'll definitely try it!

  • i agree/dont agree with justarandomguy.

    lil wayne sucks. he really really

    sucks. everything "clever" hes

    ever rapped about I've heard

    from another rapper.

    hes getting too cocky and

    his whole career is gonna

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    and don't call me a hater. cause

    the OLD wayne was good. WAS.

    not anymore. he's bad now


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  • I have very long, thick, and fine hair that tends to get flyaways. I’ve had really good luck so far spritzing my hair down first (not TOO much water, just a touch) and then coating it with a light mist of hairspray (I use Aussie Sprunch). I find that a couple of hidden bobby pins can give your bouncy curls a lot more lift, and help support the weight of the hair to keep it from pulling out and looking limp and wrinkled (been there, done that).

    If you want a dramatic look, go for waterproof mascara (don’t use this on a daily basis; it will ruin your eyelashes) and a some eyeliner on the outside corners. If you’re especially daring, try some little “wings” at the edges of your eyes. As the evening goes on, they will smudge, giving you a softer look which is really nice. For eyeshadow, apply a thin layer of Vaseline underneath as a primer. It will last much longer and not run down your face for the dreaded “raccoon” look.

    For skin, cover any imperfections with a light-colored concealer first, applying barely enough to cover them. Also do a layer underneath your eyes. Then apply blush to your cheekbones with a large brush, blowing off any excess powder first to avoid the “grainy” look. After that’s done, put on a tinted moisturizer over everything to give a smooth, flawless look. Don’t overdo it, and make sure you smudge past the jawline so it won’t look like you’re wearing a mask.

    Finally, lips! If you want something flashy, use maybeline colorstay lipglaze. It lasts LITERALLY forever! Then put a layer of gloss over that to set it. Make sure you blot it well so it won’t run.

    Top it off with Davidoff CoolWater perfume—my favorite!


  • Um, I agree that Little Wayne sucks, but you didn't ask for anyone's opinion, you asked for hair and makeup tips. Soo. . .

    To tease your hair, use hairspray. It's not really that hard to do that's just a quick tutorial on how to tease your hair. But you're going to tease it AND make it wavy? I guess I would have to see it, but that seems like a bit much.

    For makeup, I suggest going as natural as possible. You're going to be surrounded by people, so it'll definitely get hot. Just make sure that what you do wear is water/sweat resistant.

    • I'll post a picture after the concert. The hairstyle is really cute and not too much, and since it's for a concert I want to be flashy. :)

    • Ok because I can't even picture what you mean lol

  • Hairspray works. but, if I'm leaving me hair wavy I usually use gel, because my hair gets too dry otherwise. And I can just leave the gel in, and not have to worry about it getting frizzy. I also use lots of leave in conditioner. I have the dryest, curliest hair ever, so I don't know if it's for you, if you have average hair, hairspray should be fine. I would try: Aussie Strong Hold Hairspray or Herbal Essences Set Me Up extra strong hold. they're both fairly cheap, and they do the trick.

    As for the makeup, don't over do it. if you're going to do foundation, use something that fights breakouts and is oil free. the other stuff makes your skin oily and cacuses breakouts. Neutrogina makes a good oil free foundation. And maybe some eyeliner and a little mascara, but if you're gonna do eyeshadow make it a thin coat, and make sure it's good stuff that lasts all night. Lipgloss is also always a must.

  • loreal's HIP makes a cream eyeliner that stays forever, definitely use that. you can either do black or there's also teal or purple (or do a thick line of color, with a thin black line right by your lashes).

    black black black mascara, waterproof.

    to avoid racoon eyes, omit any makeup UNDER your eyes, or put WAY less than you normally would.

  • if you put make up on your face it's pretty much guarenteed to smear and smudge in a mass of sweaty concert goers, especially if you dance at all. forgo the eyeliner.

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