I feel unattractive to girls?

Well.. I play Guitar, Bass guitar, Drumms, Piano.. and am somewhat a musician..

Im a Christian, so I don't have problems with drinking, or smoking.

I love to draw... Its one of my hobbies..

and overall I'm a shy guy.. and I still Haven't had a single date.

Im looking like in the pic that is my avatar - you can view it.

The fact that I Haven't had a date, and I Haven't seen a girl showing me attraction makes me feel like I'm not interesting for any girl. (one showd interest, but she wanted to be just friends).

So, just as a quick question - would any girl like me :S ?
Im almost 18 too...
Aaannndd... I am a programmer.
Aaaannnnnd I always try to treat girls right. I'm not one of the guys that just want sex. I want relationships.. and the classic "sex after marriage" (call me stupid or what you want for this, but I want just to make the girl feel loved)
I am not gay.


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  • You sound like the type A LOT of girls would like. It's probably just because you're shy.


    Go on lad, put yourself out there.


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  • umm yeah its prob;ly because of all the reasons you put up there that girls don't like you cept as a friend (not gonna lie you sound a little gay)

    • Well I'm not gay. I know what I like.

      And thanks for your opinions.. all 3 of you :)

      Being shy is one of my problems.

      Being too nice is the second one... I even notice that, then sometimes its too much.

      Im not the usual macho that has sex with any girl. Us, Christians save up our virginity, and well yea. I know at least 400 girls that are my age.. lower and over 18 and still virgins.

      I can't be gay. I'm into girls :)

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    • Oh yea.. :P I have girls as friends.. like... umm a lot :D

      Not Best friends, but I trust them, and they are cool. I was thinking about no girls showing interest in me for wanting a relationship.

      And well I am straight. I am Shy, but after all I'm not too over friendliness :P.

    • lol then I don't really know =P sorry man

  • i think you're 'too' nice to girls, (and maybe too easy2get)

    show more confidence and you'll be alright : )

    • Probably you are totaly right dude :) Thank you. How should I be harder to get? :D

      And thanks .. I will try

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