Always wishing I was a girl, anyone else have this problem? Help?

I constantly find myself wishing I was a girl and not a guy. Wishing I could feel pretty and I could get more attention from guys & fit in better with my friends that are girls. Every time I see a really pretty girl or a cute dress or something I just get kinda sad and a little jealous. Anyone here felt anything like this? Ways to help me feel better?


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  • I don't know you gay? or do you actually want to get surgery to become a woman?idk..what's the situation here. lol.

    • Yes I am gay. I have felt this way long before realizing I was gay. Still not sure about srs (sex reassignment surgery)

    • i don't think it is odd then. I believe you should wear what you please - or start trying to wear womans clothes and see how you like it. if you do then maybe consider a x change if that is what you really want.

What Guys Said 1

  • never heard of something like this. my only response is "lol"


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