Can gagging cause blood?

Hello, today I ate dinner and drank a glass of sweet tea. Not after a minute of drinking the tea, I ended up getting sick... I gagged for a bit trying to get it all out and the last bit of throw up that came out had a dime size amount of normal colored mucus-like blood...

Can the gagging cause the mucus-like blood? Also, yesterday I accidently scratched the inside of my nose, so maybe this could have been an addition to it? Earlier I was really scared, still I was burping like and trying to get mucus out of my throat and it was more tea-colored...and not bloody.

Please help..what do you think this is?


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  • Nose bleeds can be the cause of bloody mucus.


What Girls Said 1

  • One thing that can cause it is irritation to the esophagus- usually via coughing.

    I wouldn't think gagging would cause it, but keep an eye on it, and call an advice nurse.


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