Boyfriend getting lazy, how can I bring it up without sounding horrible?

We've been together 6 months.When we first met he loved working out and would eat healthy.He looked amazing and had a great six pack.Over the past couple months he has stopped going to the gym and is eating more crap.He is gaining weight and its unhealthy and he doesn't look as good.How can I say this to him without sounding nasty?


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  • pinch his fat ''lovingly'' and smile. girls usually do this cause they find the chub cute,but guys tend to react like this-''OH MY F***ING GOD-she thinks I'm fat :O''


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  • Don't say anything about it to him DIRECTLY, but say it indirectly. One thing you could do is to ask him to do more things with you that would require exercise, and make sure it is something that he would find to be fun too. Start working out a lot yourself and as you are running around this might make him feel a bit lazy. Talk about how great a workout makes you feel. Making it seem appealing and it will just seem like a choice he is making on his own.

  • Start working out yourself? Or ask him, since he is so experienced, for some tips, advice and good exercises. And then ask if he could show it to you at the gym ;)


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