How to stop talking to a guy? should I tell him why or just ignore him?

I want to stop talking to a guy that I've been talking too for the past three months. I feel he has more dates other than me and before I was fine with it because I wasn't really into him but recently I started having feeling for him and I now I will get hurt. So now that I can I want to stop things, but I don't know if I should tell him why or just keep ignoring his msgs until he gets the point..Why do you guys think? Please help!


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  • Are you sure you want to stop talking to him? If you were to ask him to stop seeing other girls and see you exclusively instead, would he be receptive to that?

    At any rate, if you really want to stop talking to him, it's probably best to tell him why. If you cut off all communication, he might think you're dead or unconscious on the floor of your apartment and call 911 or something crazy like that. (I've heard stories like that from friends of mine.)

  • Ignore him, just like how people ignore your question.


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