What makes a face unattractive to you girls?

I'm not looking for compliments or a ego boost.

I'm looking for constructive feedback on how to look handsome face wise.

I'm confident too by the way just curious is all I know this doesn't sound like it but if you say I'm not then I really don't care what you say because you didn't read what I wrote ;)
i have photos on my profile


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  • can't see your pics,but DAMN that's a sexy font


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  • You can't change the way your face looks, it's how you were born. If your talking about getting a mustache or something, well personally I find it unattractive and that it could get in the way of kissing - but that's just me. A nice clean shaved face is very attractive, and smiling always helps. All girls are different in what they find attractive, mine is just one view.

    • Im talking about plastic surgery

    • Oh whoops, sorry. A chisled jaw can be attractive. Square faces are nice too, it makes a guy look masculine. But just in general to make a face look more attractive is to look healthy, avoid agents of aging, eat a balanced diet, project a well groomed demeanor, and carefully consider accessories. (source: link But in my general plastic surgery isn't the answer, a girl should like you just the way you are.

    • true but where did this guy go? lol

  • Your profile is private, by the way.

  • Your page is on private..


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