Do guys care what a girl wears during school?

To be honest, I am a jeans, sneakers, and sweatshirt kind of girl. I can pull off the more dressy look, but most days I want to wear something comfortable. I also do not wear makeup simply because I want to let people see my natural looks. I always walk through the hallways with confidence in my appearance, but sometimes I wonder if a guy will ever ask me on a date or simply find me attractive. I mean it seems like the girls who constantly "dress up" for school are always the girls that guys approach. I should let you all know that I am very outgoing, very athletic and my friends (sometimes people I have just met) say that I am pretty/cute (even on casual days) and fun to be around. So I was wondering guys, does clothing really matter when it comes to being attracted to a girl? Would a guy still find me attractive if I wear jeans (fitted/non baggy), sneakers, and a sweatshirt?

(If you need more information just let me know in your answer. Thank you to everyone who anwers!)


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  • We're going back a ways because I graduated in 1986. However, nowadays even more than in those days, many schools have dress codes and I'm afraid that what I'd want to see a girl wear (or not wear) would be against dress code.

  • I like when girls dress casual. They look nice when they dress up too. Either way they can be attractive.


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