Why would he look for me when I went AWOL?

then ended up breaking contact with me after he asked to see me? he said he's not over me yet but we still can be friends?and told me to message him on Facebook that same night. I'm confused with him. what does he really want? me and him were like boyfriend/girlfriend minus the commitment for over a year then he moved to another city but still managed to keep in touch with me and meet up once a week. but I started to lose it so I just blocked him on Facebook and left the country for three weeks. all those weeks, he said he called my work, drove by my house and texted my phone so many times. he thought I moved but why the hell would he do these if he only wanted to break up with me


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  • He wants one foot in your door and one foot out. Kick the one that's in your space out, slam the door and lock it. He sounds like a douchebag.

    • AMEN. he's already done this twice this year and once last year and I was a martyr for letting him do it to me. NOT ANYMORE! Thanks sexy :)

    • You are quite welcome. Men always want what they can't have...that's why he was frantic looking for you. So, make him feel he can't have you and he'll go nuts. And don't feel sorry for him when he pulls out all the stops to talk to you...he'll do it again and again. You sound smart and strong and def don't need his ass :)

    • i guess I was too available for him before that's why he kept coming back. he always made me feel I was a bad person when the whole time it was him using me for his benefit. he gets jealous when I talk to his friend. he wanted me to delete friends from Facebook. he wanted to know where I've been all those weeks he didn't get hold of me that he actually called my work! wtf and drove by my house to see if I was home? anyways yea I've left that ugly past behind. :) he was a poison in my life.

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