What does beautiful mean to guys?

Why do guys always call me beautiful, not hot, cute, sexy, gorgeous, etc. I'm NOT complaining lol I've just noticed its a trend with men- they will always only call me beautiful. Does this mean anything?


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  • gotta agree with anonymous on this one. beautiful is higher on the pole of compliments than hott, or cute. cute for me is just usually an enfatuation or something like that. and hott, usually means that you've met and possible exceed a mans standard for someone he has sex with. beauty is a lot harder to achieve, and is a combination of many different factors. Men like beauty...boys like cute

    • lol well that's good then, I'm officially flattered.

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  • In order for a girl to be beautiful, her personality must match her external features.

  • Beautiful is the ultimate compliment I give. It's physical and personal attractiveness. Like you're not just some "hot" girl, but you're the complete package of personality, looks and brains!

    • aw yay thanks for clearing that up!

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