What are these shoes called?

I was recently browsing GirlsAskGuys and I found a link to this picture link but there was no name or description attached.. I HAVE TO HAVE THESE! I know, guys don't usually care about shoes, but these really stuck out. does ANYBODY know what these shoes are called?


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  • link

    Niki Air Zoom Toki Lux (it's in the link ;/)

    • Thank you for 1. replying quickly, 2. having Pikachu as your pic(thats bad ass), and 3. showing me that I'm an idiot :P I guess I was just so excited I forgot to pay attention to what I was looking at.. haha

    • haha, no problem. :D Thanks for BA.

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  • nike air zoom toki lux...


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  • Buddy, it's okay. Just draw a picture of what you think your balls might have looked like before you lost them and staple it to a bunch of telephone poles up there. Someone is bound to find them somewhere and give them back to you.


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